This is who we are!

Since Xpert Security has been established, we have been engaging with security and training at the highest level and cooperating with individuals

as well as established organizations in Israel and around the world.

A few years ago we expanded the company and introduced 'Xpert Kosher Kravi' (known as youth combat fitness). Today Xpert is known as

the largest company in Israel that prepares young individuals for significant service opportunities within the IDF in over 15 teams throughout the


The instructors at Xpert all serve as active instructors within the IDF and other security agencies, retrieving the highest level of practical training

and combat experiences.

Xpert Tourism is the hyperactive, cheeky smiling new brand from the Xpert family.

At Xpert Tourism We combine our security world of content with the experience, adrenaline, enjoyable, athletic and enriching fun of group activities.

What do we offer?

We offer

Fun activities for groups and

organizations from around the world that will suit your clients’ needs and expectations.

(Our professional department also offers workshops, courses and training courses for individuals, organizations, and companies in Israel and abroad in the fields of security training, security tech tourism and more.)

AirSoft Shooting, Warfare training games

AirSoft Shooting, Warfare training games

Airsoft is the new and professional training weapon that is used

by the IDF and various security organizations around the world.

No more color stains, no more bruises and no harm to the

environment. Our weapons fire small plastic spheres which

reduces the costs, enables more accuracy for the weapon and

training in different types of circumstances.

In one of the training facilities throughout the country,

our Xpert instructors will provide your clients with group activities

which will include experiential training with weapons and experimenting with various shooting methods,

practicing team-work in various fighting conditions followed

by a number of groups and individual games.

Duration – up to 3 hours

Location - The outskirts of Jerusalem area and in the Golan

Heights. (Additional locations can also be booked in advance)
Suitable for -  Groups from 5 up to 250

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Krav-Maga & Self-Defense

Krav Maga,  Israeli self-defense with style.

Krav-Maga is the most famous and well-known Israeli method

of warfare in the world and is used by armies and organizations

that draw inspiration from the method that was originated

during the establishment of the IDF and the State of Israel.

What is it? Krav-Maga, self-defense training and games

Duration? 90 minutes

Location? Anywhere

Suitable for? Groups from 10 up to 500 participants

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Dogs on duty

Dogs on duty

Special Forces working dogs demonstration activity

Working dogs from the Israeli security forces (IDF & Police)

Along with professional dog handlers.

Pursuit dog – trained to run and catch objects on a call.

Explosives search dog – trained to search and follow explosives

Attack dog - disarming of a target.

With a special protective gear the human target will try to avoid

an arrest, as the order will come, the dog will what it takes to

stop the target from getting away.

Fascinating experience

Duration – 90 min

Location – Any

Suitable for all groups

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Navigation - ready to go


learning and embarking of competitive and experiential navigation in

competitive teams.

Duration -2 hours

Location - Tel-Aviv, Jerusalem, Negev

Suitable for - Minimum 10 participants

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O.D.T. – Leadership workshop

O.D.T. – Leadership workshop

Outdoor training is one of the ‘’off the job training’’ methods. It is an educational method using physical activities in the nature, based on sensory experience, knowledge and experience of the situation.  With Outdoor trainings we aim to raise the physical, emotional, cognitive, social and spiritual level of all participants in a unique and enjoyable way.

Duration – 3 hours

Location - Any

Suitable for leadership groups

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Talks, meetings and much more....

Enriching meeting with our Xpert and speakers from our world of content.

- IDF 

- Aliya 

- The Israeli security tech 

- Special Forces 

- More by need, Think you can challenge us? send us your ideas.

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Professional courses and trainings - This is where we came from

Professional courses

Krav Maga, combat shooting and security.

We offer our courses to the private sector, people or groups who are interested in experiencing the Israeli security arena, interested in enriching their knowledge and expertise

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