Who are we?

We are Xpert Tourism - the happy, playful hyper offspring of the Xpert Security family.
Since the establishment of Xpert Security, we have been engaged in training and security training at the highest professional levels, we are cooperating with organizations and individuals in Israel and around the world.
Xpert's team of instructors continuously trains various organizations, institutions and units in the IDF and around the world.
So why tourism? because it is fun!
From the intensive and professional training throughout the year, the need came up, we needed to combine our professional world of content with the adrenaline experience and fun, enjoyable, athletic, enriching and unique group activity.
Together with the leading tourism companies in Israel, we have created a number of base packages in addition to a variety of custom-made activities with unique content and unparalleled training in Israel.
It's refreshing, it's fun and ask around, we're really good at what we do.

What do we offer?

We offer you and your clients a variety of fun activities from our world of content,
with the conveniences of time and location settings for you to set.
Our job is to suit your clients with not just another activity, but with something they will remember.
(Our professional department also offers workshops, courses and training courses for individuals, organizations and companies in Israel and abroad in the fields of security training, security tech tourism and and more.)

Airsoft Shooting - Lets play!

"AirSoft" is the name for the new, professional training weapon used by the IDF and various organizations around the world. There are no more color stains, no blue marks that wont go away, and no more harming the environment.
We offer professional, experiential and unforgettable training. An experience that includes  group games, shooting competition, target practice and lots of fun.
unique for Xpert security
The contents, games and any ideas you have can be adapted to the nature of the group.
* Our flagship activity. highly recommended.
Click the video to get a glimpse
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Krav-Maga & Self-Defense

Lets dance!
Krav Maga is the most famous and well-known Israeli fighting method in the world, and is highly regarded around the globe.
Krav Maga is our specialty!
We offer an experiential Krav Maga activity that combines practical learning and group games, using Krav Maga techniques along with the introduction of useful self-defense tools in a fun and interactive way.
The workshop includes training aids and is suitable for all ages.
Click the Video to see how its done.
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Spying Games - Challenging navigation games from the world of urban escape rooms.

If you want to offer an experience you can not have anywhere else, "spy games" is the activity for you.
Challenging and unique for Xpert tourism - Accelerated Academy for secret agents. Your customers will join a secret mission to save the country.
The activity includes: learning and embarking on tasks that include actors, puzzles and contents from the Xpert world of content. the activity is taking place in urban areas and the group is expected to receive an exciting glimpse into the techniques of espionage and surveillance.
 *Requires prior preparation and coordination
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Navigation - ready to go

Enjoy a navigation experience with tasks related to the history of the State of Israel. The navigation activity combines study and experiential competitive navigation for the group. The navigation route was built to provide added value to the participants throughout the activity. This is an enjoyable and challenging activity in which the participants accumulate many experiences along the path, while dealing with the unexpected. 
Xpert's instructors accompany the activity and provide participants with tools that will help them accomplish the tasks.
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O.D.T. - you're not in the office any more

Out Door Training (ODT) is one of the "off the job" methods. It is an educational method using physical activities in the nature, based on sensory experiences, knowledge and understanding of the situation. With ODT we aim to raise the physical, emotional, cognitive, social and spiritual level of all participants with our unique way

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Talks, meetings and much more....

Enriching meeting with our Xpert and speakers from our world of content.

- IDF 

- Aliya 

- The Israeli security tech 

- Special Forces 

- More by need, Think you can challenge us? send us your ideas.

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Special courses and training - This is where we came from

We offer individuals, organizations and professional groups a variety of options for courses, training sessions, workshops and lessons from the professional content world of Xpert Security.
You want to be an Xpert, let us show you how
We work in Israel and around the world.
* Additional details will be provided upon request.
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